Instant Arch - 2" x 6" Frame - Arch Diameter of 24" - Minimum Opening of 25" (IPI-2455)


Instant Arch is a reliable, pre-manufactured building product that comes in variety of sizes to provide your arch needs. 

Instant Arch was created in such a way that is sawable, nailable and screwable. It has drywall paper molded on the surface, in order to blend with drywall and is ready for mudding and painting, mud will adhere to it, just like to drywall and will not separate. See our easy 5 step installation instructions

Instant Arch is installed during framing and takes only minutes to install using standard building techniques, whether you’re a do-it-yourself handy person or a professional builder. 

Instant Arch can be used for wall niches, pass-thru walkways, fireplace surrounds and any other you found suitable. It will transform ordinary home building into extraordinary architectural statements. 

The arch has been used in the building industry for thousands of years. Instant Arch evolved from that to suit today’s building needs. Let Instant Arch be your Number One Choice for your arch project.